Baptism / Service of Thanksgiving

 The birth of your child is a time for celebration and Albany Creek Uniting Church shares your joy and happiness! We believe that even before children are aware, God reaches out in grace and surrounds them with the ever wondrous gifts given to us in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is our desire to celebrate the birth of your child in a way that feels most appropriate for you. That’s why we offer two different opportunities to present your child in worship; a service of Baptism, or a service of Thanksgiving for the birth of a child.
If you’re interested in exploring a service of Baptism or Thanksgiving for your child we ask of you the following;

  1. Come and meet our congregation so you can make sure that this is a community you and your family would like to join.
  2. Make contact with our Minister, Rev. Brian Kickbusch, to discuss this important walk of Faith in the life of your child.
  3. To avoid disappointment, please do not make arrangements for dates of the service with family and friends prior to speaking with our Minister. The date you arrange may not be suitable for the church.