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Gardening Fellowship, at its greenest!

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Saving the environment. Raising funds.

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Who We Are

Albany Creek Uniting Church is a welcoming, supportive and engaging congregation. We’re casually liturgical. We take discipleship seriously but we’re not too serious about ourselves. We believe worship involves our hearts as well as our minds so we’re doing our best to be a congregation that is both spiritually and intellectually invigorating. We love to see new faces and are thrilled to welcome people of all ages and backgrounds into our community.


Please join us online if this is more convenient to you than in-person worship.


Although we no longer hold garage sales, we continue with the tradition of our well known, and well loved annual fairs. 


Baptism into Christ’s body initiates people into Christ’s life and mission in the world.


At Albany Creek Uniting Church we have a few fellowship groups that aim to include and welcome those within, and beyond, our Congregation.

Albany Creek Uniting Church

652 Albany Creek Rd, Albany Creek QLD 4035